Design and Build Cluj Napoca - Oradea - Episcopia Bihor, Lot 4

Design and execution: Electrification and rehabilitation of the railway line Cluj Napoca-Oradea-Bihor Episcopia Lot 4 Alesd-Hungary Border

National Railway Company CFR SA | WeBuild SpA 


Design services

Rail Infrastructure 

917 million EUR

The value of the contract (design and execution) is 2.11 billion lei, with financing from PNRR non-refundable funds and is part of the Investment Plan for the development of the railway infrastructure for the period 2020 – 2030. The entry into execution of the contract for the electrification and modernization of the section of the railway line Cluj Napoca – Oradea – Episcopia Bihor – Frontiera, represents the start of the implementation of major railway infrastructure projects in the North-West Region. By electrifying and modernizing the railway between Cluj Napoca and Episcopia Bihor, passengers will be provided with transport conditions at European standards, contributing significantly to the decongestion of railway traffic, especially freight, in the Curtici border area and all railway transport operators will benefit by the second modern railway gate to and from the west.