Design and Build Braila Bridge

Design and execution of a suspension bridge over the Danube in the Braila area

National Road Infrastructure Administration
Company CNAIR SA

Braila, Romania

Design services


433 million EUR

The suspension bridge boasts an overall length of 1,974.30 meters, featuring a central span stretching 1,120 meters and two side spans measuring 489.65 and 364.65 meters respectively. The Br─âila suspension bridge spans a total width of 31.70 meters, with a 22.00-meter pathway.

This pathway comprises four traffic lanes, each with a width of 3.50 meters, four framing lanes spanning 0.5 meters, two approaches each measuring 1.50 meters in width, and a central median area spanning 3.00 meters. Additionally, on either side, there are two extra lanes designated for pedestrian traffic, bicycles, and maintenance, with sidewalks that are 2.80 meters wide each.