Design and Build Nusfalau - Suplacu de Barcau, Section 3B5

Design and build Brasov – Targu Mures – Cluj – Oradea Motorway, Subsection 3B5: Nusfalau – Suplacu de Barcau

Nurol Insaat VE Ticaret AS


Design services

Road Infrastructure

84 million EUR

The Brașov – Târgu Mureș – Cluj – Oradea highway, specifically Subsection 3B5 from Nușfalău to Suplacu de Barcău spanning 13.55 kilometers, is an integral part of a significant infrastructure initiative aimed at connecting the central and northern regions of the country. The project encompasses the comprehensive design and construction of this 13.5 km highway stretch, involving earthworks, engineering structures, infrastructure relocations, as well as the construction of bridges and overpasses.

The highway platform is planned to be 26 meters wide, accommodating 2×2 lanes as part of its design. This development is a crucial component in enhancing connectivity and transportation infrastructure in the central and northern areas of the country.