Design and Build Sibiu - Pitesti Highway

Design and build of the Sibiu - Pitesti Motorway, Section 5: Curtea de Arges - Pitesti

National Road Infrastructure
Administration Company CNAIR SA 


Design services

Road Infrastructure 

366.8 million EUR

Spanning a total length of 121 km, the A1 Motorway in Romania is set to establish a crucial link between Bucharest and the Western part of the country. It is integral to the European Corridors that connect Central Europe to the Black Sea. This specific segment, known as section 5, marks one terminus of the Sibiu – Pitesti highway, measuring 30.35 km. Commencing in the vicinity of Curtea de Arges, it follows the course of the Argeș river and runs parallel until reaching the outskirts of Pitesti Municipality.

The designed speed for this section is 120 km/h, with a highway platform width of 26.00 m. The key infrastructure elements encompass the construction of 12 bridges, a viaduct, 6 passages, 3 road junctions, a service space, a maintenance and coordination center, and a short-term parking facility.