“Pius Brînzeu” Emergency County Clinical Hospital Timisoara

Interconnection of existing buildings and new constructions at the "Pius Brînzeu" Emergency County Clinical Hospital Timisoara, in order to reorganize the medical flows / circuits for the critical departments: Emergency Center, Intensive Care, Surgery and Burns

Ministry of Health

Timis, Romania

Supervision services

Structures (Consultancy and supervision – hospitals)

66 million EUR

This substantial capital infusion involves the establishment of a cutting-edge facility, incorporating a Burns Center equipped with 6 beds for severe burns, 6 beds for intermediate and post-critical burns, and 5 beds dedicated to microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. Moreover, the hospital will feature an Acute Trauma Intervention (ATI) section with 27 beds, a state-of-the-art operating block housing 25 operating rooms, and diverse ancillary spaces, including Sterilization, Pharmacy, administrative and logistic areas, technical zones, among others. Noteworthy is the inclusion of a heliport to facilitate prompt medical transportation.

The UPU-SMURD will function with a capacity of 58 posts, thereby augmenting the hospital’s capability to deliver critical care and emergency services.

The comprehensive investment for this ambitious endeavor stands at 66 million euros, with a projected implementation timeline of 26 months.

Financing for this transformative project is facilitated through the Health Sector Reform initiative, which aims to elevate the quality and efficiency of the health system. This initiative is funded by Loan Agreement no. 8362, a collaborative effort between the Government of Romania and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).